Neptune Technology Group, Inc., Acquires DB Microware

Dec. 9, 2002

Neptune Technology Group, Inc., has acquired DB Microware. DB Microware provides a suite of field management tools including meter reading, service work orders, and route optimization software to many of the largest utility companies in the United States. Founded in 1988, DB Microware specializes in software development for the utility industry. The interest in DB Microware further enhances Neptune’s systems capabilities and strengthens Neptune’s position in the growing AMR market.

Neptune Technology Group Inc., a pioneer in the development of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology nearly 40 years ago, is a leading provider of data collection systems and water measurement products. Since 1892 Neptune has continually focused on the evolving needs of water utilities – revenue optimization, customer service, and operational efficiencies. All Neptune data collection systems and measurement products are manufactured at its principal facility and headquarters in Tallassee, Alabama.

According to Tim Weidner, president of DB Microware, "The Neptune acquisition represents what we feel is a perfect blend of ideas, skill sets and culture. DB Microware’s current and future position in the market with FieldNet is significantly strengthened with Neptune as its parent company. DB Microware’s present and future customers also benefit as continuing support, long term growth and product development now can take on a new and exciting dimension".

Charles (Chuck) C. DiLaura, president and CEO of Neptune Technology Group Inc., states, "Neptune’s acquisition of DB Microware will further enhance our data collection capabilities. As we continue to deploy larger wireless data collection systems, DB Microware will ensure that our capabilities meet our customers’ expectations".

Source: Neptune Technology Group, Inc.