President Bush Signs National Dam Safety and Security Act into Law

Dec. 9, 2002

President George Bush has signed into law the National Dam Safety and Security Act of 2002 (HR 4727). Enactment of the landmark bill solidifies the nation’s commitment to maintain all U.S. dams safe and secure. Sponsored by Congressman Bill Shuster (R-Pa), the law calls for the reauthorization of the National Dam Safety Program, an important national program, administered by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that seeks to improve the safety and security of the nation’s dams.

Through the program, FEMA will continue to lead national efforts including research, technology transfer, communication between state and federal agencies and much needed training for state dam safety engineers. The grant assistance component of the act provides vital support for the improvement of state dam safety programs, which regulate 95 percent of the more than 78,000 dams in the United States.

"The enactment of the National Dam Safety and Security Act comes at a critical point in our nation’s history as we collectively work to minimize the potential security risks threatening our infrastructure," said Thomas L. Jackson, P.E., F.ASCE. "The Bush administration should be commended for their valued leadership in the maintenance and safety of our nation’s dams."

Source: ASCE