Former FBI Counter-Terrorism Expert Receives License to Assess Risk to Nation's Utilities

Nov. 22, 2002
IMAC Consulting Group’s Albert L. McGinty was licensed by the federal government to assess the vulnerability of the nation’s drinking-water utilities. As a former FBI agent, McGinty was in charge of the Bureau’s Anti-Terrorism/Weapons of Mass Destruction Program in Northeastern Ohio

As a result of his earning the license, McGinty and IMAC Consulting Group have the necessary resources to conduct Environmental Protection Agency-mandated assessments of drinking-water systems. He underwent a weeklong program called Risk and Vulnerability Assessment-Water Utilities (RAM-W) that was developed for the EPA by Sandia National Laboratories. Sandia is part of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).

For someone to perform a RAM-W assessment, an individual must pass an examination following completion of the course. Now that McGinty has passed the examination, he has the necessary certification to assess the vulnerability of drinking-water utilities. He already has had intensive training on other Sandia methodology.

McGinty recently helped to design and evaluate a mock disaster drill at Jacobs Field.

McGinty is Security Advisor with IMAC Consulting Group, a full-service security planning and prevention consulting company. A native Clevelander and alumnus of John Carroll University, McGinty is a former Cleveland police officer and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. He spent 31 years as an FBI Special Agent in Minneapolis, New York City, and Cleveland.

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Source: IMAC Consulting