ABR - Affinity BioReagents Forms Strategic Philanthropic Alliance with Healing Waters International

Oct. 15, 2002

ABR--Affinity BioReagents has formed a strategic philanthropic alliance with Healing Waters International, a non-profit organization focusing on the implementation of cost-efficient water purification systems in developing nations around the world.

ABR has sponsored a water purification system for the community of Sabana Perdida, on the outskirts of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Sabana Perdida is one of the poorest communities in the Western Hemisphere, where safe drinking water is costly and, at times, unavailable. Recognizing this alarming condition, Healing Waters, in conjunction with sponsorship from ABR, constructed one of the first water purification systems of this kind in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to sponsoring a water purification system, ABR also provided airfare and accommodation for two ABR employee volunteers to assist with the construction and implementation of the purification system. "Our time in the Dominican was a life altering experience," noted Damon Carr, marketing manager for ABR. Damon and co-worker Brent Rollman spent five days constructing and testing the system, which is now running and assisting hundreds of people with their water needs.

"Our partnership with Healing Waters has strengthened our corporate team atmosphere while helping others in need," James Stiehr, president of ABR, noted. "I strongly recommend it for other organizations looking to share their good fortune and build a cohesive team."

Source: ABR--Affinity BioReagents

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