Alfresh Beverages Canada To Distribute BEVsystems' Life O2 SuperOxygenated Water Throughout Canada

Aug. 8, 2002

BEVsystems International Inc. signed an agreement with Alfresh Beverages Canada for the exclusive importation and distribution of BEVsystems' Life O2 SuperOxygenated Water in Canada. Alfresh expects to sell 150,000 cases of Life O2 during the first 12 months of the agreement, beginning Oct. 2002.

Alfresh, a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality juice and fruit-flavored beverages including Arizona Iced Tea, Orangina, Stewart's Soda and Tropical Rhythms Fruit Drinks, has a well-established distribution network throughout Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Under terms of its agreement with BEVsystems, Alfresh will distribute Life O2 in Canada to more than 50,000 food-service outlets, grocery stores, convenience stores and other retail outlets in Canada.

According to Richard Andzel, chairman of Alfresh, "Every day, Canadians consume more than 1 million servings of Alfresh juices and beverages. Last year, Alfresh produced more than 12.5 million case equivalents of product in our Toronto bottling facility."

Bob Tatum, chairman and chief executive officer of BEVsystems International, added, "Our distribution agreement with Alfresh Beverages Canada is consistent with BEVsystems' growth strategy to secure strategic alliances with companies that have significant distribution networks and the capacity to place our products on the shelves of leading retailers in key geographic regions."

Source: Bevsystems International Inc.