Security Intelligence Product to Protect Utilities

Aug. 6, 2002
TowerView Security Offers Real-Time Processing of Threats to Critical Infrastructure

High Tower Software, a provider of real-time security intelligence applications, introduced TowerView Security for instantaneous processing, analysis and visualization of security threats to public and private gas, electric, water and nuclear facilities.

The product monitors physical and cyber security simultaneously and alerts security personnel to serious threats and attacks as they are occurring.

"Recent reports have shown that the networks that run power and water facilities are particularly vulnerable to attack while the consequences are potentially catastrophic," said Ursula Schwuttke, president and CEO of High Tower Software based in Aliso Viejo, Calif.

"TowerView Security analyzes and prioritizes huge quantities of security event data instantaneously rather than in hours or days, allowing for real-time response to threats," Schwuttke said.

Built upon core technology developed at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for processing data from NASA deep space probes and Defense Department satellites, TowerView Security collects, analyzes and instantly correlates electronic data from thousands of location points, such as sensors, monitors, network security devices, physical security systems, surveillance systems, computer systems, alarms, etc., continuously displaying updates on a 3D CyberGrid.

Data collection points are represented as colored dots on the CyberGrid with colored spikes or "towers" representing the most significant events, according to specified parameters. By clicking on a tower alert, details from the collection point are displayed, allowing officials to recognize security anomalies and trends from critical facilities such as water treatment plants and electric or nuclear power installations.

"The digital control systems that help run our critical utilities must be protected from attack," said John Howard, vice president of marketing for High Tower Software. "TowerView Security can monitor sensor data from any system, public or private, and help determine if someone is attempting to hijack the control systems through the network, as well as assist in shutting down the attack."

Easily installed and integrated in complex computing environments, the software provides a hardened, encrypted communications environment, employee access controls, and authentication of application components to ensure security In addition to real-time visualization, the software offers automatic notification of specified alerts via e-mail, pager and phone.

Technical requirements to run the software include a Linux (Red Hat) or UNIX (HPUX, Solaris) operating system, 700 MHz x86 or 300 MHz Sparc processor, 512MB of RAM, and 1 GB of free disk space.

Source: High Tower Software