Tennyson Holdings Ltd. Sells largest SOX to Victorian Water Authority

July 1, 2002
Tennyson Networks Ltd. has announced its largest individual SOX (Smart Office eXchange) sale to Central Highlands Water (CHW), one of regional Victoria's (Australia) largest water authorities. The 180-seat system will be installed in CHW's headquarters in Ballarat and its satellite office in Maryborough.

CHW is looking to achieve a major improvement in productivity and a reduction in communication costs by implementing Tennyson's locally developed SOX platform that also has been sold to a number of other local and regional Government business enterprises.

"We are attacking this vertical market quite aggressively and the sale to CHW reinforces our belief that that these authorities have special communications needs that we can solve with our SOX systems," Mr Coleman said.

"CHW were seeking to replace their existing PABX system with a solution that would allow the seamless integration of voice and data communication with their existing IT infrastructure.

"SOX allows them to do this by providing a feature-rich "One Box" solution that caters for the diverse communication needs of CHW's equally diverse business."

Tennyson recently announced that the SOX Virtual Phone had become the first desktop telephone system for small-to-medium business to be accredited by Microsoft for integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server.

This was a significant factor for CHW, which has its offices linked on an ISDN based VPN (virtual private network) to allow data sharing and access to the Microsoft Exchange server in Ballarat. Employees use Microsoft Outlook for their email.

SOX now has delivered unified messaging. This means that all voicemails and faxes will arrive to the user's Outlook mailbox and be accessible via the Virtual Phone.

Users will be able to manage their voicemails and faxes as they do emails. This creates enormous time savings compared to using separate systems.

SOX also provides the ability for all users to view the status and availability of any extension anywhere on the network. This will allow more effective internal and external communications as well as making it easier to arrange conference calls, transfer callers etc.

Other advanced functionality which SOX will provide to CHW includes after hours messaging and Interactive Voice Response. As well, staff who are working away from the office will have remote access for retrieval of messages, calendar and contacts.

The announcement of the sale to CHW follows last week's statement to the ASX that Tennyson's PowerSOX had been selected as the customer contact solution for Dun & Bradstreet Australasia's expanding receivables management business and a full service consumer credit bureau.

Source: Tennyson Holdings Ltd.

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