Poland Spring Water Company Opens New Preservation Park

June 28, 2002
Site Offers Travelers to Maine a Journey Back in Tim

Maine-area business owners, political leaders and Poland Spring Water Company employees celebrated the grand opening of the Poland Spring Preservation Park. Beginning today, travelers to Maine can now explore artifacts, memorabilia and educational exhibits depicting the early history of Poland Spring at the Poland Spring Museum, take in a round of golf, and enjoy Maine's natural beauty at the Poland Spring Inn & Resort.

The Poland Spring Preservation Park is the result of a $2.5 million restoration project spearheaded by the Poland Spring Water Company. The project was driven by Kristin Tardif, Natural Resource Manager at Poland Spring Water Company, and Kim Jeffery, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nestle Waters North America, manufacturer of Poland Spring(R) Brand Natural Spring Water.

"The restoration of the Poland Spring Preservation Park marks the culmination of four years of effort and investment to preserve the landmarks of the region and bring to life the rich and textured history of the Poland Spring brand," Jeffrey said. "One of the nation's oldest brands, Poland Spring is closely entwined with the history of Maine. We are proud to share this heritage and celebrate America's long history with and continued appreciation for natural spring water."

The cornerstones of Preservation Park are two newly renovated Victorian-era buildings that served as the Poland Spring Bottling Plant and Spring House at the turn of the century. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the buildings comprise the new Poland Spring Museum. Through scientific displays and vintage Poland Spring bottling memorabilia, the Museum offers a close-up look at one of Maine's oldest industries. In addition to showcasing historical highlights of the famous spring water, the Museum illustrates Poland Spring Water Company's management of its aquifers and water resources, attention to quality in production and responsible stewardship and business practices.

With the support of Nestle Waters, Kristin Tardif, Natural Resource Manager at Poland Spring Water Company, drove the restoration process, which involved her commitment and dedication for more than four years. "When I first discovered the unused buildings, I could sense their beauty and history, but they were in a state of disrepair. The preservation of these historic landmarks, as well as the unique exhibits in our Museum mean that the Poland Spring heritage can be shared with and enjoyed by generations to come."

Dating back to the early 1800s, Maine settlers and respected dignitaries flocked to Poland Spring for its curative spring waters and picturesque setting. Poland Spring quickly became one of New England's most historic and well-traveled tourist spots. With the summer travel season heating up -- accounting for 51 percent of all overnight tourist trips to Maine -- and with more Americans taking shorter trips and traveling by car, Poland Spring offers a way for visitors to experience Maine's folklore in a scenic, natural setting.

Source: Poland Spring Water Company; Nestle Waters North America Inc.