Ruth Lake Recreational Development Honored by Department of Water Resources

June 26, 2002

On June 28, 2002 at the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District Headquarters at Ruth Lake, the Department of Water Resources will recognize the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District of Eureka and the Ruth Lake Community Services District of Mad River for successful completion of the first recreational development grant issued under the Davis-Grunsky Act of 1960. The ceremony will begin at 1 P.M.

The Davis-Grunsky Act provides financial assistance to agencies operating smaller lakes and reservoirs in rural California areas to enhance the recreational opportunities offered at the facilities. Ruth Lake, the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District's (HBMWD) 48,000-acre reservoir in Trinity County, was the first of 32 recipients to receive grant money under the act.

DWR issued the $300,000 grant to the HBMWD in 1963 for the portion of the construction cost of Matthews dam, which forms Ruth Lake, allocated to recreational purposes of statewide interest.

DWR has inspected the recreational facilities at Ruth Lake every year since it issued the 40-year contract to insure that the facilities were in accordance with contract provisions. The contract was completed on December 31, 2001.

HBMWD leases the Ruth Lake recreational area to Trinity County, which subleases the site to the Ruth Lake Community Services District.

Now that the Davis-Grunsky contract has been completed, HBMWD and Ruth Lake Community Services District are fully responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Ruth Lake recreational facilities.

In Certificates of Appreciation that will be presented to HBMWD and the Ruth Lake Community Services District at Ruth Lake on June 28, DWR Director Thomas M. Hannigan wrote:

"The Department of Water Resources is proud to have been your partner in providing recreational facilities that will continue to be enjoyed by Californians for many years."

Source: The Department of Water Resources

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