EPA Names Barrier System as Potential BTA for New Rule

June 14, 2002
Gunderboom Builds Manufacturing Plant to Meet Demand

Gunderboom, Inc. announced that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identified aquatic filter barrier systems as potential technology for compliance with new Clean Water Act rules that aim to reduce harmful effects of cooling water intake structures on aquatic life.

New rules implementing section 316(b) now require most facilities that withdraw water for cooling purposes to use the Best Technology Available (BTA) to meet national performance standards for minimizing entrainment and impingement of fish and other aquatic organisms. In both the final rule for new facilities and the proposed rule for existing facilities, the EPA identified aquatic filter barrier systems, such as the Gunderboom Marine Life Exclusion System (MLES), as "candidate technology" that could be used for meeting the BTA requirement.

The EPA included the technology in its rulings based on the relatively low cost of aquatic filter barrier systems compared to closed-cycle cooling systems as well as performance data from the Gunderboom MLES. Over several deployments the MLES reduced entrainment of early life stages of fish by 80-90 percent.

By creating a unique, permeable barrier between cooling water intake structures and the open water, the MLES keeps aquatic life from being pinned against or pulled into the structures.

Responding to increased demand for aquatic filter barrier technology, Gunderboom recently opened a new manufacturing plant in Anchorage. The 23,000 plus square foot facility houses specialized equipment and is specifically designed for fabrication of the MLES.

Gunderboom, Inc. designs, engineers, manufactures and supports a number of aquatic filter barrier systems used to protect marine and aquatic life, contain waterborne pollutant and debris, and create safe recreational beaches. For more information contact James Miner, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, (907) 644-0600 or visit the Gunderboom website at www.gunderboom.com/ .

More regulatory information about cooling water intake structures can be found at www.epa.gov/waterscience/316b.

Source: Gunderboom, Inc.