ISA Debuts New Website

June 6, 2002
ISA-The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society has debut its new Web site, the ISANetwork. The site broadens the expansive and unbiased technical information on instrumentation, systems, and automation for which ISA is recognized globally. It also introduces "communities of practice," organized into 24 different technologies and industries. The communities offer e-mail lists, discussion forums, and career, education, and technical product information.

"ISA has always been recognized for providing a tremendous amount of technical information to its members and to the industry as a whole," said ISA Web department vice president James Bouchard. "The redesigned site allows instrumentation, systems, and automation professionals and practitioners to have enhanced access to more resources so they can be more efficient and do their jobs better and faster."

The new ISANetwork is organized in five major navigation categories - each designed to allow site users to locate the information they seek quickly:

* Professionals & Practitioners find technical resources, educational information, and networks to help them perform their daily work in instrumentation, systems, and automation.

* Members & Leaders find everything they need to sustain their ISA membership and function as volunteer leaders in the Society.

* Educators & Students find resources on scholarships, schools with instrumentation, systems, and automation programs, ISA student section information, and resources for those teaching in the profession.

* Advertisers & Exhibitors find information on how to partner with ISA to market products or services to instrumentation, systems, and automation professionals.

* About ISA provides a history of the Society and an overview of the field of instrumentation, systems, and automation.

In addition, the ISANetwork gives the Society's membership a wide array of online services, including a high degree of integration between the Web site and the member database system. This integration facilitates member and customer access to their history of involvement with ISA and the ability to interact more easily with the Society.

The site is located at http://www.isa.orgSource: ISA

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