Orlando Going to Recycled Water for Lawns

May 6, 2002
Faced with an ever-growing population and a shrinking water supply, Orlando officials are expected to pass a law today that will require developers to hook up to "reclaimed water" lines -- and for homeowners to use the water for their lawns.

The new law would not affect most Orlando residents, applying only to new subdivisions that are within reach of the city's small network of underground reclaimed-water pipes.

However, Orlando officials plan to expand those reclaimed-water pipes, and new subdivisions in targeted parts of the city will have to plan for it. New neighborhoods will have to have reclaimed-water pipes running under the street, and houses will be required to have reclaimed-water spigots.

Homeowners who have those spigots will be prohibited from using drinking water to water their lawns.

Source: PR Newswire