BEVsystems Launches Life O2 Home and Office Delivery to Florida Counties

April 11, 2002

BEVsystems International, Inc. launched its Home and Office delivery program of LifeO2 Super Oxygenated Water to customers in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties Florida. Each of the three new Life O2 Water distributors - Palm Water, Double Eagle, and Carolina Water - began a sampling program on April 1, 2002 distributing two free bottles of Life O2 Water with a coupon for a free twelve pack to their entire customer base.

BEVsystems' patented technology infuses its Life O2 Water and global co-branded products with up to 15 times (1,500 percent) more oxygen than ordinary bottled water.

"We are proud to welcome Palm Water, Double Eagle, and Carolina Water to our expanding Life O2 Water distribution network. Per capita bottled water consumption in South Florida is among the highest in the nation and we want to capture a significant share of this market," said G. Robert Tatum III, chairman and CEO of BEVsystems International, Inc. "We believe that consumer trends in home delivery of single serve bottled water will continue to increase. We are dedicated to building a distributor network capable of delivering Life O2 Water to this expanding customer base."

Palm Water, a 23 year-old family owned and operated bottled water distributor, will distribute Life O2 Water to Offices in Miami-Dade County. Their customers including the Miami-Dade County Offices, the City of Miami Beach, Homestead Air Force Base, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Lockheed Martin, and Merck Pharmaceutical. Palm Water also services over 2500 homes in Miami-Dade County.

"Life O2 provides Palm Water a premium water with a significant point of difference which further differentiates us from the competition," said Larry Barditch President of Palm Water.

Palm Water has recently relocated to a new warehouse showroom featuring the latest innovations in water cooler and water products. Palm Water can be reached at (305) 255-1946.

Double Eagle, a 29-year-old family-owned and operated bottled water distributor, will distribute Life O2 Water to over 1000 home and office customers in Broward County focusing on greater Fort Lauderdale which includes the surrounding communities of Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, and Pompano Florida. Double Eagle can be reached at (954) 935-0276.

Carolina Water of Palm Beach County will distribute Life O2 Water to over 1000 home and offices in the exclusive Palm Beach area. Additionally, Carolina Water services over 500 seasonal customers. Carolina Water can be reached at (561) 841-8841.

Source: BevSystems