California State Department of Health to Inspect Aubryn International's Gorman Property

March 13, 2002
Private Water Source Designation Will Accelerate Production of Springs

Aubryn International, Inc., (ARBN) has announced that the California State Department of Health is scheduled to inspect the Spring Water Property in Gorman on March 13, 14 and 15, 2002.

The inspection is a positive step in reference to the Gorman Springs. With the completion of the onsite inspection, the California Department of Health will be providing the company with a "Private Water Source Designation." This designation enables Harich Enterprises to begin their below surface sampling and drilling to bring the springs into the final stages of commercial production.

"With the successful results that Harich Enterprises has received from the Perrier Group Labs and the private water source designation, Aubryn will have the leverage to negotiate profitable sales contracts," R. Bruce Harris, CEO of Aubryn, said.

"The timing of the designation is perfect for the continued discussions with Perrier Group of America, a subsidiary of Nestle S.A. as well as entering into discussions with similar companies in the industry," he continued.

As the results of the California State Department of Health progress, the company will provide updates to its shareholders.

Source: Aubryn International Inc.