Growing Water Shortage Across the U.S. Leads to the Birth of a New Industry ... Waterless Technology

Feb. 4, 2002

Water shortages have hit cities and regional pockets across the nation, resulting in caps on water usage that affect everything from washing your car to the time of day a sprinkler can run to the size of your toilet and the volume of water it holds. In the wake of this growing concern, a new industry has been born called Waterless Technology.

DWG International(TM) has responded with a suite of products that offers consumers the opportunity to perform multiple everyday tasks without water. Their most popular product DRI WASH 'n GUARD(R) cleans, seals, polishes and protects vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, boats, airplanes) without using a single drop of water.

"Water shortage and water conservation are issues that will eventually impact all of us. Like it or not our lives are being changed. DWG makes these changes easier," says Drew Earl, DWG International Executive Coordinator. "I'm proud DWG has begun to address this critical environmental problem. Collectively we are conserving billions of gallons of water!"

The United States is not exempt from the water crisis, according to Earl. Water shortages have hit areas such as Maine, Minnesota, Florida and Washington. "Water tables are low, riverbeds are running to a trickle and run-off from melting snow has diminished. These states and regions have never had to contend with water shortages before," Earl says. Many regions of the U.S. have been facing a water crisis for several years. With the supply of sanitary drinking water scarce, everyday activities such as washing the family car are facing prohibition in many communities across the country, explains Earl.

Conditions like these have given way to a burgeoning demand for waterless products. To meet this demand DWG has launched an entire line of waterless cleaning products allowing people to clean glass, mirrors, countertops, tile, appliances, carpet, fabric, upholstery, metal, jewelry, leather, vinyl and tires.

"It's amazing to me what these products can do and how much water I'm able to save," says Saundra Beatty, who has used DRI WASH 'n GUARD for several years. "I now know that one car wash wastes 150 gallons of water! How many people do you know who can say they washed their car without using a single drop of water?"

According to Water, The Drop of Life, by Peter Swanson, "By the year 2020, nearly 50 nations will suffer severe water shortages...By 2030, many cities that have existed for centuries will simply dry up."

Protecting A Precious Resource

Water Facts You Should Know

One trip through a car wash uses 150 gallons of drinking water

• Fixing a leaky faucet saves 20 gallons of water per day

• If your faucet is dripping at the rate of one drop per second, you can expect to waste 2,700 gallons per year which will add to the cost of water and sewer utilities or strain your septic system

• Collecting water for gardening from the faucet while waiting for hot water saves about 250 gallons of water per month

• Using a broom to clean the sidewalk instead of a hose saves 150 gallons of water

• Using a pool cover prevents about 1,000 gallons per month from evaporating

• While water covers 70 percent of the earth's surface only 3 percent is freshwater, most of which is locked away in glaciers, icebergs and snow, leaving just 1 percent of accessible freshwater for the entire planet's population

Source: DWG International