EfficientUtilities.com Launched by AWWA

Sept. 28, 2001
EfficientUtilities is an online electronic procurement site designed to enhance administrative efficiencies throughout the water profession.

AWWA firmly believes that water and wastewater utilities will be using electronic procurement methods on a regular basis to streamline their purchasing processes, thereby reducing costs. This is based on feedback from utility managers who are under increasing pressures from governing boards to become more efficient and to cut costs wherever possible.

AWWA's mission is to be an effective instrument of change by advancing technology relative to the public drinking water profession's role in stewardship of water resources. AWWA and EfficientUtilities have worked with the Utility Advisory Board and Provider Advisory Board, to create a site to help you respond to increasing pressures to be more efficient. Together, AWWA, with input from these boards, will have substantial control of how the site will be managed and operated. The partnership agreement states that any significant action regarding the site will have to have the expressed written consent of AWWA Association Services, Inc. (AWWAASI), the AWWA subsidiary created to oversee the site.

Unlike typical procurement sites that involve the actual transaction of goods, EfficientUtilities has been designed to be a collaborative management tool for Utilities and Providers to streamline the administrative functions of procurement and facilitate the exchange of information. By design, the site does not collect or distribute private company information, such as what utilities have bought from whom or how much they paid for it, what providers have sold, whom they've sold it to, or the price of the goods or services they sold.

Source: AWWA