VLPI Launches PurTest(R) Anthrax Test

Oct. 17, 2001

Vital Living Products, Inc., dba American Water Service, Inc., will be ready to begin shipments of its new PurTest(R) Anthrax Test to retailers before Thanksgiving. Donald R. Podrebarac, president and CEO of Vital Living Products, Inc., said, "Because of the increase in reported cases and number of locations finding anthrax the need for our test in the market place continues to grow. Since making the announcement yesterday that we had developed a consumer test for bioterrorism, retailers have been asking how soon we could begin filling their orders."

He continued, saying, "The press conference that we have scheduled for the Friar's Club, 57 East 55th St. in New York City 212-751-7272, at 2:00 pm on Tuesday, October 23, 2001, will be the opportunity for the news media to preview our test and see how easy it works and simple it is for consumers to use."

PurTest(R) Anthrax Test will allow anyone to test air, surfaces and water. The test detects for presence of germs and spores providing the consumer with results at home or in the workplace. Mr. Podrebarac concluded saying "Each home or business that has a PurTest(R) Anthrax Test will be better prepared to deal with bioterrorism."

Source: Vital Living Products, Inc.