Osmonics Introduces AvantaPure Dealer Program

June 8, 2001
Marketing program helps dealers target consumers

Osmonics Inc. launched the AvantaPure Dealer Marketing Program for professional dealers of household water conditioners. The program is available to dealers exclusively through members of the AvantaPure Group, which consists of Osmonics and select original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that build the AvantaPure water treatment product line.

The AvantaPure Group provides professional water treatment dealers with additional marketing support, creating a unique program similar to franchise dealerships without any contractual commitments. The program features point-of-sale literature for consumers, presentation books, advertising and public relations assistance, and a seven-year limited warranty program. To maximize dealer involvement, Osmonics assigns exclusive territories, so that only one dealer sells AvantaPure products in a designated area.

The Osmonics AvantaPure product features Osmonics’ most advanced control valve, along with a unique tank appearance package and reverse osmosis system. Featuring fully programmable regeneration cycle times, AvantaPure does not require the homeowner to adjust the water softener. In addition, it has a full 1-inch control valve for optimum performance, countercurrent regeneration and proportional brining to ensure that the entire resin bed is fully regenerated. The self-adjusted variable reserve keeps a running 28-day total of water usage history and learns the homeowner’s lifestyle, allowing the homeowner to always have conditioned water. The AvantaPure conditioner also is designed for maximum efficiency, in order to minimize water usage.

Additional features include Non-Volatile Random Access Memory (NOVRAM) and battery back up so important settings will not be lost, even in the event of a power failure. The corrosion-proof Noryl plastic construction helps to maintain a long life. The complete product line includes a countercurrent conditioner, five-cycle iron filter and a three-cycle backwash filter.

For more information on the AvantaPure group and program visit www.avantapure.com.

Source: Osmonics