Founders of "Funk" Star in DASANI National Television Advertising Campaign

Aug. 13, 2011

Founders of "Funk" Star in DASANI National Television Advertising Campaign

New DASANI "Treat Yourself Well, Every Day" Television Campaign Features Hit Songs from Earth, Wind & Fire, The Gap Band, The Commodores, Sugar Hill Gang

ATLANTA, May 18 DASANI bottled water on Monday, May 21,

will introduce four new television spots showcasing the classic funk bands

Earth, Wind & Fire, The Gap Band, The Commodores and the Sugar Hill Gang, each

performing a popular hit song from the late '70s and early '80s. The DASANI

"Treat Yourself Well. Everyday" campaign uses classic funk tunes to

characterize the natural vitality and radiance of DASANI drinkers.

The DASANI ads are based on the premise that every great hero deserves a

theme song. In each :30 second spot, both DASANI and the main characters are

the heroes of the ads. The characters are heroes because they lead active,

healthy lifestyles and have an infectious energy and zest for life. Theme

music follows the lead characters wherever they go and helps to project their

vitality and natural radiance. The theme song, and the bottle of DASANI

water, are natural extensions to each character's identity. As the story

unfolds, viewers see that a live band -- in full concert attire is actually

playing this "theme" music.

DASANI's new tagline, "Treat Yourself Well. Everyday," emphasizes the

emotional and physical gratification that a healthy lifestyle provides. In

each spot, the music kicks in as soon as the bottle of DASANI appears and

serves as a metaphor for the main character's feeling of well being and

healthy attitude.

"The new DASANI 'Treat Yourself Well. Everyday' campaign shows how DASANI

is intrinsic to each person's daily regimen of healthy living and overall

sense of well being," said Kellam Graitcer, DASANI senior brand manager,

Coca-Cola North America. "The ads create an analogous relationship between

the catchy tunes and upbeat rhythms of the funk bands and the radiance that

people project when they lead healthy lifestyles that include staying


In each of the four spots, the music stops at a pivotal moment. The

viewer is then surprised by the realization that each DASANI drinker's theme

song is actually being played live, by the real band. For example, in "Roller

Skates," a woman roller skates down a beach path with a DASANI bottle in-hand

as "Shining Star" from Earth, Wind & Fire plays in the background. As people

stop in their tracks to admire the DASANI drinker, a street vendor starts to

sing along with the song. Suddenly, the music stops. The camera then pans to

a shot of Earth, Wind & Fire on roller skates, holding their instruments. The

band interrupts the vendor's singing, and then resumes playing the woman's

theme song.

In "Stroller," a woman pushing her child in a stroller stops to take a

drink from her DASANI bottle as "Outstanding" from The Gap Band plays in the

background. The woman and her little girl bob their heads to the music. The

shopkeepers and commuters on the street stare at the woman in amazement. The

baby drops her rattle and the music suddenly stops. The camera then cuts to a

shot of The Gap Band, wearing their signature 1980s "cowboy-themed" stage

attire, stooping to pick up the rattle. The band then resumes playing the

woman's theme song.

In "Rapper's Delight," a young man is playing an intense game of

basketball. As he stops to take a long drink from his bottle of DASANI,

"Rapper's Delight" by the Sugar Hill Gang begins to play in the background.

Inspired, the young man begins playing explosively and a crowd gathers to

watch him play. He makes a basket and suddenly, the music stops. The camera

pans to a shot of the Sugar Hill Gang, with full mixing tables and

break-dancers, mounted behind the basket on the roof of the young man's

garage. They retrieve the basketball as it swooshes through the basket, pass

the ball back to the young man, and then continue playing the young man's

theme song.

In "Office" a woman cruises through her office drinking from her bottle of

DASANI as she heads to a meeting. As she drinks, "Brick House" by the

Commodores kicks in. She enters a corporate boardroom and stuns a room full

of executives with her presence. The camera pans behind the woman. The

viewers then realize that the executives are not only in awe of the woman's

radiance, but also of the sight of the Commodores, in full concert attire,

following the woman and playing her theme song.

"Roller Skates" will begin airing May 21 on cable and network television.

"Stroller," "Rapper's Delight," and "Office" will air in June. The campaign

was created by Berlin Cameron and Partners New York.

An accompanying print advertising campaign based on the DASANI tagline,

"Treat Yourself Well. Everyday" will appear in the June issue of popular

women's magazines, as well as in fitness and health magazines. The ads

feature watercolor illustrations designed by critically acclaimed New York

artist, Jorge Colombo. The ads metaphorically illustrate DASANI's intrinsic

benefits as well as the little things people do to treat themselves well. In

Colombo's colorful illustrations, the characters are energetic, youthful

people who are inspired by drinking DASANI and by maintaining a healthy


DASANI has assembled a team of wellness experts who have developed a

series of simple solutions to help consumers achieve overall wellness.

Consumers can access these simple wellness tips at ,

or by picking up a free copy of the DASANI "Simple Solutions" wellness

booklets available through DASANI in-store displays at participating


DASANI, purified water enhanced with minerals for a pure, fresh taste, is

Coca-Cola North America's first bottled water. DASANI is packaged in

recyclable light blue-tinted bottles and is available throughout North


Source: Coca-Cola

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