De-energized & Energized Motor Testing Workshop

May 18, 2015 - May 22, 2015

Location: Memphis, Tenn.

All-Test Pro will hold an intensive, five-day training workshop on the latest and most advanced techniques in both De-energized and Energized Motor Testing. These two, back-to-back courses are independently certified by IACET and SAIEE and can be taken individually or together. The combined course provides the knowledge necessary to detect developing winding faults before they occur; troubleshoot motor faults; identify and correct 100% of mechanical & electrical motor faults; and estimate time until failure on low voltage motors (<600V).  Attendees will also learn how to implement comprehensive, reliable predictive maintenance and “Electrical Precision Maintenance” Programs. These courses are ideal for anyone overseeing, maintaining or relying on electric motor systems in their facility.

The first three-day workshop presents De-energized: Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA). The second two and a half day workshop presents Energized: Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA). Overlapping these sessions is a program detailing the implementation of a motor testing program to improve your plant’s electrical reliability, return on investment and plant throughput, as well as increase your bottom line.

The workshops will offer a review of the most common electrical and mechanical motor system faults. Basic electrical theory, motor construction and theory of operation as it applies to both energized and de-energized motor testing. Easy-to-understand, hands-on exercises are designed to solidify basic motor testing concepts and how changes in the motor windings, insulation and rotor system affect the variables that provide the earliest indication of developing winding faults. Use of the latest motor diagnostic techniques will show attendees how to identify and correct both electrical & mechanical motor system faults, as well as identify developing bearing faults, and balance and alignment conditions. This workshop utilizes the latest motor diagnostic software to teach how to identify motor system faults using the motor’s own measured voltage and current. Also covered are motor assembly problems such as unequal air gaps, eccentric rotors, broken rotor bars, casting voids, and thermally sensitive rotors are addressed.

The workshops will be held May 18 to 22, 2015, in Memphis, Tenn. For more information, visit the company's website.

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