Want Free Coffee? Here's Your Chance ...

June 8, 2017

Happy ACE17 week! I know many of you have descended upon Philadelphia June 11 to 14 for the American Water Works Assn.'s Conference and Exposition, and I want to tell you about an excting promotion we're running to help you get on board with augmented reality (AR): a chance to win a $25 Starbucks gift card! All you have to do is visit Booth #1615 and "ask about AR." It's that simple. One of our friendly team members will show you the ropes and enter you in a drawing for a chance to win free coffee. 

Or, if you're savvy enough to be Blipping with us already, just come to our booth and mention AR and you'll be entered into our drawing, too.

Want to download now? Visit blippar.com to get the app, then open it and hover it over any page in W&WD where you see the iconic blippar logo. We'll continue to add AR content in future issues, in the form of videos, galleries and more -- in both editorial features and advertisements. We promise you it will be your new favorite thing -- besides coffee, of course. See you soon!