The Critical Role Pumps Play

April 14, 2014

Pumps play a critical role in the operation and management of water and wastewater treatment facilities, and just about every plant operator knows they can be a headache to maintain. Even minor clogs and blockages can quickly lead to a major problem.

Although the demand for pumps has resulted in various technology advances, even the best pumps will fail if they are not sized, installed and maintained properly. Maintenance is the easiest and least expensive step operators can take to maximize the life of their pumps. This is why it is essential to establish a regular preventative maintenance program based on the manufacturer’s manual for service and procedures that best fits your system’s needs. Also, keep in mind that some pump manufacturers offer various service and maintenance programs, such as onsite assistance and spare parts, to accommodate your day-to-day pump needs.

Be sure to visit WWD’s Pump Zone to keep up to date with new pump technology developments and their various applications in the field. 

Lastly, some pump networking news: Grundfos appointed Dieter Sauer as president and general manager of its water utility business, headquartered in Aurora, Ill. Last week Water & Wastes Digest Associate Editor Amy McIntosh spoke with Sauer about his new role in the company; click here to read the Q&A.