Accept No Substitutes

May 21, 2012

Water efficiency is rarely a top priority for consumers. While we have seen a growing awareness in sustainable practices, when it comes to water conservation, the truth is that consumer behavior is not changing fast enough.

This is no surprise. Generally speaking, the U.S. has an abundant supply of fresh water with the exception of some undersupplied areas that are frequently affected by severe droughts. To most consumers, there is no immediate need or urgency for water-efficient practices other than cost.

There has been a significant push toward the development of water-efficient technologies; however, during tight economic times, it is harder than ever to get businesses and consumers alike to look toward becoming more water-conscious or invest in anything that doesn’t show an immediate return.

But we all know that sustainable water practices take time. This is why it is important that the water industry continues to promote change in water consumption behavior and showcase innovative and cost-effective water efficiency strategies. After all, there is no substitute for water.