Comprehensive Asset Management

Aug. 16, 2011
“Comprehensive asset management helps utilities identify needs and plan future
investment.” In theory this statement is absolutely true, but in practice it is generally
easier said than done.
Water and wastewater utilities clearly understand the importance of effectively managing
their facilities, their distribution and collection networks; however, utilities also are not
without the knowledge that maintaining, rehabilitating and replacing these assets comes
with a significant price tag.
Every year a new water infrastructure report is released identifying the nearly immediate
need for billions of dollars for infrastructure improvements, yet these reports fail to
identify where the money will come from.
A significant number of water and wastewater utilities around the country continue to
defer important maintenance projects because of insufficient funding, and many other
utilities fail to generate enough revenue to at least cover the full cost of the services they
provide. So what’s a utility to do?
WWD would like to learn what your utility is doing to implement effective asset
management plans.