New Product Showcase: May 2022

May 25, 2022

Featured new water & wastewater products for the month of May in 2022

W400 Flowmeters & I400 Insertion Units

The W400 clamp-on and I 400 insertion units provide comprehensive process monitoring with long-term cost efficiency and extensive diagnostics. These sensors pair with the Proline 400 transmitter to provide a complete flow metering solution. The flowmeter uses a nonintrusive, clamp-on measurement method with its ultrasonic sensors mounted directly on a pipe’s exterior.


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Flo-Flex Model 345 Foot Valve

Available in sizes 3 to 12 inches, the Flo-Flex Model 345 meets ANSI/AWWA C508 standards and is constructed in a corrosion resistant fusion-bonded, epoxy-coated, ductile iron body featuring a 316 stainless steel strainer and class ANSI 150 flange connections. Its screen open flow area is more than three times the open area of the nominal area pipe size and the one-piece molded disc allows 100% full flow in the open position.

Flomatic Valves Corp.

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Rusco Smart Ball Valve

Compatible with leading smart hubs, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the Rusco Smart Ball Valve is app-driven and pairs easily with Apple and Android devices. Its connectivity allows for program automation, simplifying two primary functions: sediment flushing and flow shut-off.

Rusco Inc.

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WS360 Water Sensor

When connected to an Xpert Alert WiFi alarm, the WS360 water sensor is designed to warn of potential water damage to end users. Place this sensor in any location where there is a risk of water damage: utility room, laundry, kitchen, bathroom, basement, AC drip pans, etc. When water reaches any side, top or bottom of the 360-degree sensor, an audible and visual alarm is activated.

SJE Rhombus

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VMW-27R-SS LCD Monitors

The VMW-27R-SS is a sunlight readable, optically-bonded, medical-grade, open frame, panel mount, waterproof, and standard monitor offered in sizes from 8.4 to 65 inches. All are backed by a 3-Year warranty. All monitors can be customized or modified to meet specific application requirements.

TRU-Vu Monitors Inc.

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