New Product Showcase: April 2022

May 24, 2022

Featured new water & wastewater products for the month of April in 2022

Each month, Water & Wastes Digest features five new products in the New Product Showcase department of its monthly print magazine. Below are the five featured products for April 2022. Submit your products for consideration to [email protected]. Include a 300-dpi image and a product press release announcing the product's launch along with the company name, website URL and a contact phone number to be considered. Products are entered into the queue on a first-come-first-serve basis, which may result in a lag of 2-3 months before the product is published in print. For additional product promotion opportunities, contact our advertising team.

FLEXFLO A3 Peristaltic Metering Pump

The new FLEXFLO A3 Peristaltic Metering Pump delivers smooth and gentle chemical feed and will not damage long chain polymers. Additional A3 features include a 5- inch intuitive touchscreen display, which will respond even when the operator is wearing work gloves. The extra-large icons are easily recognizable and highly responsive.

Blue-White Industries | | 714.893.8529

AquaSearcher Benchtop Meters

Featuring a modern design that puts the user experience first and foremost, the AquaSearcher Benchtop Meters intuitive and efficient instruments for all sample analysis needs. The large LCD displays and instructional menu buttons allow for quick, smooth access to data, and ensure precise, repeatable measurements time after time. i-Steward software is designed to ensure consistent measurement accuracy.

OHAUS | | 800.672.7722

Rusco Filter Cartridges

The latest installment of these spun and pleated filter cartridges improves sediment removal efficiency to as low as 1µ through advancements in composition, surface area and pore size. The activated carbon units, which operate at a rate of 10µ, address areas not covered by existing products, including: taste and odor, lead and chlorine, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemicals.

Rusco Inc. | | 800.345.1033

Power Winder Reel-Mounted Device

The Power Winder is lightweight and very easy to adjust to fit small, medium or large Solinst reels. It features adjustable telescoping arms and rollers, allowing it to work with other water level meters on the market. The Power Winder is simple to remove and use with multiple meters but is ideal for dedicating to one reel.

Solinst Canada Ltd. | | 800.661.2023

RWI-8000 Scale Inhibitor

Low doses of the RWI-8000 water treatment chemical can significantly reduce sewage treatment costs by suppressing struvite scale formation in dewatering sludge. Tests of sludge samples from dewatered sewage confirmed that struvite particle formation plunged 99.4% immediately after adding several drops of RWI-8000 per cubic meter of sludge.

Toray |

Flygt 4220 Adaptive Mixer Rental

The Flygt 4220 adaptive mixer rental package is a mixing product available for rent to help avoid unplanned downtime and enable continuous operation of critical plant processes despite maintenance requirements of permanently installed mixing equipment. It is suitable for a broad range of applications, including municipal wastewater treatment plants, water utilities and industrial facilities.

Xylem Rental Solutions |