Kaeser EBS Rotary Screw Blower

Feb. 3, 2021

Kaeser’s EBS 410 expands the range of rotary screw blowers for wastewater and fluidization applications.

Kaeser's EBS rotary screw blower packages are part of a new energy efficient EBS 410 series in 30 to 100 hp models.

This expands the gear-driven range of blowers and provides up to 1448 cfm with pressures from 4 to 15 psig, according to the press release.

With this new model, Kaeser now offers screw blower technology to an even wider range of applications with up to 35% more efficiency than conventional packages. The screw blowers are ideal for municipal and industrial wastewater, flotation, fluidization, and other low pressure applications where energy efficiency is critical.

EBS blowers feature the renowned Sigma Profile airend and high efficiency gear drive technology. They are available in both STC (wye-delta start) and SFC (variable frequency drive) for energy performance and reliability.

The EBS screw blowers are shipped completely assembled with: high efficiency motors, inlet filters, silencers, integral starters/drive, and a full complement of sensors.

The fully soundproofed enclosure is designed with all maintenance access points in front and process connections in the back for space-saving side-by-side installation. The advanced Sigma Control 2 is standard on all models and features expanded communication capabilities including remote monitoring and email notifications for service and alarms. With Sigma Control 2, EBS units can be seamlessly integrated into plants that are implementing IoT, Industrie 4.0 or Water 4.0 strategies.

For more information on Kaeser’s entire range of screw blower packages, visit us.kaeser.com/screwblower.