S&L Imagines #ADayWithoutWater

Oct. 21, 2020

Smith & Loveless Inc. will Imagine a Day Without Water on Oct. 21, 2020 to raise awareness about what it takes to enjoy clean water.

Smith & Loveless Inc. joins a coalition of elected officials, water utilities, community leaders, educators and businesses from across the globe to Imagine a Day Without Water on Oct. 21, 2020, to raise awareness about what it takes to enjoy our world’s most important resource: clean water.

“Smith & Loveless is guided by the mission of ‘Protecting Water. Protecting People’ so that all people of the world can receive the most important thing in life: clean water,” said S&L President Frank Rebori in the press release. “We encourage you to join with us, fortunate with the infrastructure to treat and deliver clean water daily, as we take this unique opportunity to self-reflect, understand and appreciate the true value of this most important human resource and the infrastructure needed to supply it.”

Turning on the tap for safe drinking water, washing our hands, or flushing a toilet with no second thought about where it comes from or goes to are actions that most of us take for granted every day. The truth is the U.S. water infrastructure that provides this incredible convenience is aging and in need of significant investment. A single day without water service would create such a disruption to our way of life, public health, and economy. It is critical that stakeholders and citizens collectively understand this more in depth, which is what the Imagine a Day Without Water events will help inspire on Oct. 21.

“S&L is proud of its long-time collaboration with water and wastewater utilities, governments, engineering firms and other industry leaders to solve water infrastructure needs.” Rebori continued. “Together, it is important that we invest in smart infrastructure to ensure the public health and economic security of all people.”

To learn more, visit imagineadaywithoutwater.org and follow S&L on social media during the event.