2018 Top Water & Wastewater Projects

Dec. 3, 2018

Water & Wastes Digest highlights industry innovation

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The 2018 WWD Top Projects projects highlighted some of the most exceptional work conducted this year. The investments for these projects range from $625,000 in Hot Springs, Ark., to $126 million in Mesa, Ariz., but all showcased an attention to detail that made them stand out from the other nominations.

This year, WWD selected one project as the best of the best: Ellwood Water Treatment Plant. What really made this project special was its coordination with other parties. Not only did it have to navigate property purchasing, it also had to coordinate with the railroad authority, as two tracks are located between the plant location and the water supply, in addition to other utilities. 

Those were just the surface-level complications involved in getting the project completed, but that story resonated with our editorial team the most when judging the projects this year. In fact, coordination with other utilities and the challenges involved in finding common ground played a large part in why many of these projects were selected as 2018 WWD Top Projects. 

If you are interested in submitting for next year’s top projects, visit wwdmag.com/top-project-nominations to fill out the form. The deadline for next year is July 15.

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