2017 Top Industrial Water & Wastewater Projects

Dec. 13, 2017
Industrial Water & Wastes Digest selects the most noteworthy projects of 2017

Across various industrial sectors—food and beverage, oil and gas, mining, etc.—projects to update and maintain proper water and wastewater processes are constantly underway. The editors of iWWD seek to recognize the trials and tribulations of outstanding industrial projects and honor those successes.

iWWD editors encouraged project leaders to nominate industry-specific projects in the design or construction phase during the 18 months prior to nomination. The editors examined the entries, noting the goals achieved, obstacles overcome and successes realized.

iWWD editors are proud to highlight the most noteworthy industry-specific water and wastewater achievements in the 2017 Top Industrial Water & Wastewater Projects showcase. Thank you to the project leaders who submitted nominations, and congratulations to those recognized in iWWD’s 2017 Top Projects awards.

Top Project profiles can be viewed here.

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