MBR Solution Provides Performance, Reusable Effluent

Oct. 20, 2009

The Upper Sweetwater Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Villa Rica, Ga., is located just 35 miles west of Atlanta. Villa Rica is known for being the first gold strike in Georgia and attracts tourists year-round for its historical grandeur.

Enviroquip provided a four-stage process.

Upper Sweetwater WWTP is the second in four Enviroquip MBR facilities selected by Paulding County, Ga. Enviroquip has provided a four-stage process to handle the tight effluent limits required. The plant is designed to meet 5/5/8/0.13 BOD/TSS/TN/TP.

The flow to the plant is 500,000 gal per day (gpd) with one process train in operation and two of the four MBR basins in operation. Future expansion to 1 million gpd will require additional membrane units and process equipment in the remaining basins to be installed. Phasing of the basins allows for a reduction in the initial equipment cost while still allowing for speedy future expansion to the plant.

The influent flows through the fine rotary drum screens, into the anaerobic zone, then the anoxic zone, pre-air zone (where SymBio is located) and finally into the MBR basins. This is a gravity permeate collection system, which offers a great savings to Paulding County by eliminating permeate pumps.

The flow to the plant is 500,000 gal per day (gpd).

Once treated, 100% of the effluent provides irrigation to the local golf course for year-round reuse. This allows Paulding County to dispose of their effluent in a beneficial way to the community and offset water demand on the municipal water system.

Ease of operation, excellent biological performance and the ability to produce high-quality reusable effluent proves that Enviroquip is the MBR choice for Upper Sweetwater WWTP and the town of Villa Rica.

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