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June 15, 2006

Midge Control Products

From advice on how to apply Strike Professional Midge Control without shutting down a wastewater treatment facility, to field trials and testimonials, is a trusted source for information on eliminating infestations. The site includes full product literature, a newsroom, testimonials from treatment plants, a questions and answers section, and information on contacting a PCT dealer.

Strike/Wellmark Intl.

Fluids Handling Technology

Since 1936, Pulsafeeder has been a manufacturer of fluids handling technology. The mission of Pulsafeeder is to service its customers’ changing needs through the supply of market-focused products that control fluids, transfer fluids, and/or improve fluid characteristics, thus enhancing the long-term value of the business.

Pulsafeeder, Inc.

Aerator Applications

The unique floating/surface design of the Airmaster Aerator “Turbo” offers high-capacity water movement with aeration. The unit features stainless steel construction and a turbo blower to achieve maximum aeration for industrial and municipal applications. This aerator has proven effective in BOD, COD, sludge and algae reduction and is designed to excel in the most extreme wastewater conditions.

Airmaster Aerator, LLC

Globe, Angle Valves

For more than 50 years, OCV Control Valves has offered valves available in globe or angle, 11?4- to 24-in. full port. The company’s wide range of applications can serve virtually any need including pressure reducing, relief, sustaining, surge, pump control, level control, solenoid, rate-of-flow, electronic, check, zone control and multifunction.

OCV Control Valves


WIKA has launched a new website that provides quick and easy access to product information, support and resources for the company’s U.S. headquarters and nationwide distributor sales organizations. The new site is very dynamic, and additional features will be continuously incorporated.

WIKA Instrument Corp.

Drop Bowls, Liners

Reliner®/Duran, Inc. produces products for sanitary sewers including an Inside Drop System using patented fiberglass drop bowls with stainless steel pipe brackets that fully support the pipe. The company also produces an invert construction and repair system for new and existing manholes. All products are designed to be simple, easy to install, cost-effective, low maintenance and simple to clean.

Reliner®/Duran, Inc.

Air, Check & Butterfly Valves

Specializing in air release, check valves and butterfly valves, Crispin-Multiplex Mfg. Co. has served the international valve industry since 1905. The company’s products are used in almost every application where water or liquid is moved from one place to another—from pipeworks in the municipal water industry to a wide range of applications across a variety of markets.

Crispin-Multiplex Mfg. Co.

Water Treatment Equipment

Every day, millions of people and thousands of companies rely on USFilter to help them meet their needs for clean water. Through time-tested brands like Illinois Water Treatment, Envirex, Permutit, Stranco, Wallace & Tiernan, Zimpro, Memcor and many more, the company delivers cost-effective, reliable systems and services to municipal, institutional and industrial customers worldwide.


Municipal Castings

This website features product information on the PAM line of technically advanced municipal castings (PAMREX, PAMTIGHT and REXUS manhole covers, REXUS gratings and SELECTA curb units), distributed by CertainTeed. Literature and case study downloads are available, as is a convenient locator for finding the nearest PAM distributor anywhere in North America.

CertainTeed Corp.


The Master Meter website showcases recent ads and features system/product descriptions. The Product Overview section includes technical specs and downloads. Users can find distributors and regional sales managers with the North American sales territory locator. Also available are: Case study articles; news and events; company information; request information section; and FAQs. Master Meter, Inc.

Water Control

For many years, there has been a need for a water control product that combines total effectiveness with convenience, ease of use and economy. SealGuard water control products fill that need in both above- and below-grade structures. Visit the company’s website for SealGuard product information, applications, customer testimonials, distributor map and much more.

SealGuard, Inc.

E-Commerce website

Industrial Test Systems, Inc. has launched its new e-commerce website, This full-service website offers customers the opportunity to review and order all of ITS’ products, as well as launch to various other industry websites providing information and resources. The website features monthly product specials, discount opportunities and the convenience of ordering day or night.

Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

Aeration products

The new Aeration Industries Intl. website provides detailed information on the company’s product line that includes advanced process aerator/mixers, aspirator aerators and high-strength activated sludge systems. Dozens of case histories describe how AIII has solved problems in a variety of wastewater and aquaculture applications worldwide.

Aeration Industries Intl., Inc.

Wastewater Pumps & Accessories

Goulds Pumps offers a complete line of wastewater pumps and accessories for all applications and needs, from utility drainage to submersible effluent pumps, and from submersible sewage to grinder pumps. The company also offers custom pump/control/basin packages built to user specifications.

Goulds Pumps

Pressure Instrumentation

Ashcroft®, Inc. manufactures pressure gauges, switches, diaphragm seals and isolation rings that are widely used and highly trusted in water and wastewater installations. The company’s website provides detailed specifications and technical information to help specifiers choose the ideal instrument. Register online to receive periodic updates regarding Ashcroft® pressure instruments.

Ashcroft, Inc.

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. offers a complete line of wastewater treatment equipment and systems for both municipal and industrial markets. Whether the application requires aeration or mixing, biological processes, filtration or membranes, Aqua-Aerobic can provide an advanced treatment solution. Visit the company’s website to find product overviews, resources, seminar program information and recent news.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.


The Dwyer Instruments, Inc. website contains product information covering a broad range of measuring and control instruments for pressure, temperature, level, flow and valve applications. The website allows users to search for a product by name, series or model number; order online; check order status; get technical assistance; download service manuals; or request a quote or free literature.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

Flow Control

Users can find all the flow control products they need for potable water distribution systems at Mueller Co.’s website, The site includes the full catalog, product feature literature, product bulletins, sample specifications and engineering drawings—all downloadable. In addition, the site features product videos, a literature request form and a robust engineering conversion calculator.

Mueller Co.

Valve Alignment

EMMA Sales, LLC produces a simple and effective product to align gate valves to access units. The BOXLOK product line can be used with standard cast iron valve boxes and 6-in. PVC risers. The BOXLOK website has the information to size, specify and locate distributors throughout the U.S.


Sludge Equipment

Komline-Sanderson Eng. Corp. provides high-quality process, wastewater and sludge processing equipment to a diverse group of customers around the world. Their equipment is used in industrial and municipal plants for process/production filtration, indirect heat transfer, sludge and biosolids processing, wastewater clarification, and dry scrubbing of off-gas.

Komline-Sanderson Eng. Corp.

News, Articles & products

Water & Wastes Digest’s website is the premier site for water and wastewater news and information. Users can access up-to-date news and events, browse the current issue of the magazine, search archived articles, update subscription information, and view a wide variety of water and wastewater products and suppliers in the online Buyer’s Guide.

Water & Wastes Digest

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