Seizing an Opportunity for Expansion

Aug. 2, 2005

As part of Water & Wastes Digest’s continued push for comprehensive editorial and product coverage of the water and wastewater industry, our efforts now take us outside the traditional North American audience that comprises our circulation.

In response to an increased demand for editorial and product content regarding the water and wastewater infrastructure in China, WWD is proud to announce the launch of our electronic publication WWD China (

Designed specifically for a circulation that includes Chinese management, officials, operators, engineers and contractors in the municipal/government and industrial sectors, WWD China’s editorial content includes globally-based application stories and case studies, technical papers, timely news items and important information on the latest products available in the industry.

“Each issue will include three case studies or application stories—one story will cover a U.S.-based project; the second story will examine an international project; and the final story will cover a water or wastewater project in the Chinese marketplace,” said Hal Gillette, publisher of WWD China.

The inaugural issue of WWD China will be released at the end of this month, with subsequent issues coming in October and December to round out the 2005 calendar year. In 2006, WWD China will be published six times per year, according to Gillette.

One of the goals of WWD China is to increase the interest level of U.S. companies that are considering, or already are involved in, doing business in the Chinese water and wastewater marketplace.

Having recently attended the 9th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference (CIEPEC) this past June in Beijing, I was able to assess the marketplace first-hand, and I can certainly say the opportunities to conduct safe and secure business are evident. Despite concerns of product recitation in the marketplace, many U.S. companies are currently conducting very profitable business ventures in China with plans to do much more as the Chinese government spends billions of dollars upgrading the nation’s infrastructure.

Key to the success of WWD China is the acceptance of the publication by Chinese government officials and businesses. This important particular was confirmed during a number of meetings in which the premise of WWD China was introduced. The Chinese officials and delegates recognized the validity of WWD China as well as how the editorial content could be incorporated to help the country advance their water and wastewater infrastructure.

By solidifying their acceptance of the publication and in turn, helping promote the publication within the government and subsequent businesses, professionals involved in the water and wastewater industry are actively being encouraged by Chinese officials to subscribe to WWD China.

Having read this, I am sure you are wondering how you can benefit from WWD China. Easily—whether it’s a colleague, consulting firm or manufacturer you know that does business in China, tell them about WWD China. Encourage them to have their Chinese-based business partners visit and invite them to subscribe. Already, the circulation base of WWD China is rapidly growing as evidence by the larger than anticipated number of subscribers acquired at CIEPEC.

Additionally, you can also benefit by submitting a case study or application story to me via e-mail on a recent water or wastewater project that you’ve been involved with, regardless of the project’s location. The editorial content could find its way into WWD China and possibly lead to a business opportunity for you in the Chinese market.

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