Certification Breaks Tough Competition

Dec. 28, 2000

A while back I mentioned a friend of mine in the IT industry. Although relatively new to it, he quickly found out that there isn’t a lot of stability offered from these types of jobs and has spent the past couple of months seeking a new one. As Dotcom companies come and go faster than we can click the mouse to catch them, more and more employees of these companies are looking for more than just good pay–they seek what will benefit them in the future and, likely, at other companies. My friend assures me the only job he will accept is the one that fully supports his further education.

I believe that sentiment is true all around. Although many of us will spend years at one job, I think we now all seek out new things to learn and how to better ourselves and our companies. How can we make ourselves marketable? How can we compete for employees as well as customers? Surely, an office with a view or coupons for a massage on Fridays is nice for employees, but there is no competition when an education program that furthers your or your employees’ careers is available.

There are several certifications and educational programs available. However, the Water Quality Association’s (WQA) professional certification program probably is the most commonly acknowledged in our industry. The continually growing program was designed for individuals–not companies–"to help consumers identify individuals in the POU/POE water quality improvement industry who have demonstrated a certified level of professional expertise and are dedicated to high professional standards." Not only does this program allow for additional education, but also it is a widely-known and respected credential on each employee’s resume. Your company will benefit, too, from having employees with the knowledge and skills required by our industry.

On page 24, Judith A. Grove, Ed.D., CAE, director of education for the WQA, presents why you should encourage your employees to have this specialized training. She provides examples on how certification is your competitive edge, and how your company, customers and industry all reap the rewards.

I suppose as industries and technologies advance and future generations change our professional expectations, employers worldwide will find themselves scrambling to compete in various saturated markets. For those employers meeting employee needs and boasting certified employees to customers, they will be the ones at the head of the line.

Best Wishes,

Wendi Hope King

[email protected]

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