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Dec. 28, 2000
Truck-mounted sign

Truck-mounted sign

ADDCO Inc. has combined the flexibility of real-time, dynamic messaging with complete mobility, resulting in a changeable message sign with a universal mounting system.

Designed especially for trucks and vans that can be customized for a wide range of vehicle makes and styles, customers can now incorporate reconfigurable, weatherproof message sign systems for a mobile configuration.

Additonally, each truck-mounted sign incorporates a fully modular BRICK system that can be incorporated either horizontally or vertically.

Sealing component

Allstates Coating Co. introduced a one component, ready-to-use, cold applied product for sealing inductive loops for traffic lights. It is an asphalt-based, highly rubberized material that is easy to use, safe and cost efficient.

It can be used as a replacement for silicone products and it provides the same cathodic protection, but at a lower price. The product has been approved by various state DOTs.

Timely traffic info

Two innovative modes of communication based upon the American Signal Co.’s Easyhost 2.1 software system for contacting and controlling message signs have been released by the company.

Within the software, dynamic message signs may be contacted utilizing a sequential feature that enables an operator to control the signs either singly, as a network or as segregated groups within a network.

Also, version 2.1 enhances communication and control characteristics of Easyhost via provisions for TCPIP compatible Internet connectivity to communicate with remotely operable message signs. Utilizing CDPD telecommunications technology and a central computer with Internet access, the system provides simultaneous communication to multiple signs regardless of their location.

Software upgrade

Berg and Effrem Inc. unveiled SignCAD 2000, a traffic sign design program that comes with additional features to the company’s previous version of the software, SignCAD V2.5.

The upgraded version now has a full library of MUTCD standard and diamond signs while an additional cutting option allows for customization to most cutters and plotters.

It also includes an option to interface directly with SIGNview, an inventory and management program by CartéGraph Systems.

Speed control monitor

International Traffic Control Products Inc. introduced their SCM-240 Speed Control Monitor which can operate 30 days without charging.

Offering 18-in. characters in the display, the unit detects and displays speeds from 10-99 mph. Also, it has the only display that can be set to register speed every .5, 1 or 1.5 seconds, eliminating flickering and enabling the motorist to accurately read their speed, according to the company.

A heavy-duty steel trailer and folding display rack provide for easy transport.

Safety barricade

The Multi-Barrier Safety Barricade, introduced by Off the Wall Products LLC., is a portable water ballast work zone traffic control device that has been accepted by the FHWA and approved by most states.

According to the manufacturer, it provides advantages over traditional traffic barricades and other water ballast devices due to its sturdiness.

The NCHRP 350 compliant unit weighs only 50 lb when empty, and has a carrying handle allowing for rapid deployment in emergency management closures.

Barricade system

According to Davidson Plastics Corp., their T3B Plastic Type III Barricade System offers durable, modular construction that provides a short set-up time and less maintenance than similar designs. It is this combination that reduces worker exposure to traffic while improving work-zone safety.

The barricade’s 8 1/4-in.-wide panels provide a flat surface to allow for quick application of reflective sheeting using conventional tape applications.

It was successfully tested to NCHRP 350 standards for a Category 2 Type III barricades in January of 2000.

Traffic channelizer

A new traffic channelizer known as the Cordonator from Cogent Enterprises Inc. folds flat to 4 1/2 in. thick and can ship with the lantern attached, which means less worker time in traffic during set-up and retrieval.

The unit meets NCHRP requirements with the light attached and is MUTCD compliant. It can be ballasted with water, sand, conventional rings or a custom base. Flat surfaces and several reflective points also make the unit highly visible.

Roll-up sign

The new version of the Rigid Roll-Up Sign was introduced by Eastern Metal/USA-Sign. It contains a new slide-pocket design that allows the company to incorporate a heavier cross-brace than standard practice, providing a more rigid sign in windy conditions on all types of portable sign stands.

The sign has been tested and NCHRP-350 approved on accepted Eastern Metal/USA Sign portable sign stands.

The company also announced it’s new line of injection molded traffic cones. Known as the USA-Cone, they are manufactured by injecting molding into a single piece unit, providing a tougher, more rugged and longer lasting cone with accurate, consistent weight and performance characteristics.

Retroreflective vest tape

A new line of high-performance retroreflective vest tapes was highlighted by Reflexite North America. All products in the company’s Brilliance Series conform to the recommended widths set forth by ANSI/ISEA 107-1999, and surpass the recommended performance, durability and washability requirements.

The company anticipates that these new tapes will eventually replace their current vest tape product offerings.

Truck-mounted attenuator

The first truck-mounted attenuator that performs acceptably under both optional and mandatory Test Level 3 NCHRP conditions was featured by Energy Absorption Systems. Known as Safe-Stop, it is designed to protect highway work crews from intruding vehicles that not only squarely hit the rear of a shadow truck, but also vehicles that hit offset of center or at an angle.

Made up of two aluminum cartridges contained in a reusable steel support frame, the unit comes in a compact, lightweight package measuring 13 ft, 2 in.

Object marker system

A new two-piece Object Marker System consisting of a polycarbonate reflective panels mounted to an "L" bracket using standard hardware was introduced by Plastic Safety Systems Inc.

The panels, identified as Quik-Mark’s, are high-impact resistant ensuring maximum reflectivity even after impact, and also are available in custom sizes and several sheeting variations.

Additonally, the "L" bracket can be mounted to a concrete barrier wall with a new adhesive available through the company.

Striping system

A high-performance pavement marking system designed for long-line and transverse applications was announced by Innovative Performance Systems.

Known as HPS-5, the system represents the latest technology in road markings and effectively addresses key safety requirements such as a rapid cure, longer road life and better light reflection, according to the company.

The system also makes use of patented polyurea technology that is environmentally friendly as it contains no volatile organic compounds and is lead free.

Pavement marking system

Master Builders Inc. and Lumimark Systems Inc. combined forces to introduce a pavement marking system for concrete highways, bridges and airports.

Known as Lumimark, it uses the latest in polymer modified cementitious material and is formulated to be durable and compatible with concrete pavement. Installed into grooves cut into the concrete, it becomes a part of the pavement. Glass beads and pigment are blended throughout the cementitious mix providing durable nighttime visibility on wet or dry pavements.

Three-way barrier system

The Interlocking Steel Barrier with a hooking system that allows more than one unit to connect at the same location was featured by Steeline Railings.

Using a right angle interlocked barrier at each connecting point counter braces the continuous line allowing for a second line to be set up parallel to, and connected with, the original line.

According to the company, public works departments can use the system along open ditches where pedestrians tend to take short cuts through work zones.

The barriers can be painted, reflectorized and have signs added for additional visibility.

Thermoplastic cleaner

Professional Pavement Products Inc. featured the Citro-D thermoplastic equipment cleaner. It is an environmentally friendly, organic and natural citrus-based cleaner that removes thermoplastic build-up, including burnt build-up, from the equipment and dies.

Using a simple cold soak cleaning method, the cleaner can be used for daily extrusion die cleaning or periodic kettle maintenance, according to the manufacturer.

Road striping

According to officials from the RainLine Corp., testing in both the U.S. and Canada has shown that placing the RainLine System traffic stripe in a groove below the ground will protect it from snowplows while still providing visibility in wet weather.

Stripes placed using the standard system have been proven effective for wet night visibility. California, Oregon and Alabama are states that currently provide this feature for their travelling public.

Speed bump system

Speed Management introduced the Portable Modular Speed Bump System, a temporary traffic control device which was inspired through the company’s many years of working at manholes and construction sites amid traffic.

Applying a unique design to the common speed bump, the lightweight system consists of 2-ft interlocking modules that provide flexibility for varying lane widths.

LED traffic signals

New energy-efficient traffic signals that incorporate light emitting diodes are now available from Traffic Technology Inc. Manufactured under the Unilight brand name, the signal incorporates the three signal phases into a single lens and housing unit.

A unique safety feature of the red stop signal is that the highly visible white border can be programmed to flash in emergency situations or at dangerous intersections.

Sign post anchor

Western Highway Products introduced the Shear-Safe signpost anchor system, developed to eliminate jagged steel anchor stubs exposed above ground after signpost impacts.

According to the company, the system reduces the chance for injury and tort liability associated with these injuries.

Its design utilizes a two-piece square tube anchor assembly, welded together for extra stability. A stainless steel housing and pin assembly is inserted into the bottom section of the square steel tube signpost holding the post tight.

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