Jan 20, 2010

Holmes Cheese Co. Chooses VWS Technologies

System to use anaerobic digestion to reduce BOD and produce biogas in effort to reduce plant’s energy costs

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS) mobilized last week to begin the installation of a wastewater treatment system at The Holmes Cheese Co. in Millersburg, Ohio. The system will use anaerobic digestion to reduce biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and produce biogas that will be used to reduce the plant’s energy costs, the company said.

This design/build project is a collaboration of VWS subsidiaries Biothane, LLC, of Camden, N.J., and N.A. Water Systems, of Moon Township, Pa., and incorporates technologies from each business unit.

At the beginning of the treatment train is Biothane’s Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket package plant, designed to reduce BOD in the wastewater and produce valuable biogas from the anaerobic process that will be used to aim to reduce energy costs at the facility. The downstream treatment processes provided by N.A. Water Systems will include three AnoxKaldnes Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors for further BOD removal followed by MULTIFLOTM clarification and phosphorus removal prior to cartridge filtration. The final effluent will meet all applicable discharge standards, including a very stringent limitation of 1 mg/L phosphorus, according to the company.

Biothane will lead on the installation of the upgrades, to be completed on a fast-track schedule to minimize disruption at the site. Collaboration of the VWS team enabled Holmes Cheese to acquire all equipment, process and performance guarantees from a single company, Veolia said.