Heritage Environmental Develops New Test for Mercury in Water

Heritage Environmental Services, LLC has developed a new test for low-level mercury in water. This method, know as USEPA Method 1631(E), is capable of measuring mercury concentrations in the sub part-per-trillion. Previous methods were capable of detecting mercury in the low part-per-billion range, making this new method more than one thousand times more sensitive.

Regulatory agencies as well as the general public have an increased awareness of the dangers of even the lowest concentrations of mercury. Its ability to bioaccumulate greatly magnifies mercury's effect on humans. Health advisories regarding fish consumption have become common, particularly for children and pregnant women.

"We hope our implementation of this method will help both industry and government as they cooperatively attempt to reduce human exposure to this dangerous chemical," said Steve Gohmann, senior vice president at Heritage.

To learn more about the dangers of mercury exposure, visit www.heritage-enviro.com or www.mercuryvapor.com.

Heritage Environmental Services

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