Jan 03, 2008

HDR Wins Consulting Contract for Victoria Island Alternative Intake Project

Project slated to begin in March

HDR was selected as the prime consultant to provide construction management support services to assist Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) staff with its alternative intake project on Victoria Island in California’s San Joaquin County.

The project will help protect CCWD customers from seasonal fluctuations and long-term degradation of water quality from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, one of the few inverted river deltas in the world. The project also will provide benefits for important delta fish populations without significant impacts to other Delta water users.

HDR professionals will provide full-time field engineering, inspection staff, material testing services and clerical support for this project. The 30-month project is slated to begin in March.

Three planned construction contracts make up this alternative intake project. The first is a grading contract that will include construction of a new setback levee and embankment for the new Victoria Canal intake and pump station. Significant dewatering will be needed to construct this setback levee.

The intake and pump station contract will include construction of the new 250 cfs station complete with removable fish screens and a cleaning mechanism. The contract also will include an electrical substation, motor control center and surge protection facility.

Highlights of the conveyance pipeline and microtunnel contract include approximately 12,150 linear ft of 72-in. diameter pipeline across Victoria Island from the tie-in point to the new intake and pump station and micro-tunneling under Old River with a 96-in. diameter casing.