Jun 08, 2009

HDR Debuts Drinking Water Operations Wall Chart

Chart includes reference tools and guidance information for treatment and distribution systems

In association with the American Water Works Association (AWWA), HDR’s water business group has developed and produced a new Drinking Water Operations wall chart to assist utility personnel with the operation and maintenance of their water systems.

The new wall chart includes reference tools and guidance information designed to improve system performance and achieve optimal water quality for both water treatment and distribution systems.

“Many utilities know HDR for our Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Update wall chart and expertise with drinking water regulations and water treatment systems,” said Gregory Kirmeyer, HDR’s national director of drinking water. "The new Drinking Water Operations wall chart provides a good overview of systems operation tools used and will serve as a quick reference to help educate and train utility staff. Our goal is for clients to post it in their offices, shops and treatment plants like they have the SDWA Update chart.”

The SDWA Update wall chart, a poster that summarizes federal drinking water regulations, was developed by HDR and is updated every two years. HDR has distributed more than 1 million of the wall charts since introducing it in 1992.

The new Drinking Water Operations wall chart includes information on a variety of topics to assist in the daily operation of a water treatment plant as well as the distribution system, such as energy efficiency, optimizing energy usage at pumping facilities, jar testing, taste and color, best management practices and steps to help implement a water loss reduction program.

To view or order a copy of the new Drinking Water Operations wall chart, visit www.hdrinc.com.