Dec 03, 2010

Hanson Building Products Expands LEED Calculator Service

Hanson Pressure Pipe and Hanson Structural Precast customers can now utilize the tool

In support of responsible construction and a sustainable infrastructure, Hanson Building Products formally introduced a proprietary LEED calculator to its Hanson Pipe & Precast customers in 2009 that quantified its products recognized by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) that contribute to LEED. After providing LEED credit information for more than 380 projects to date, Hanson Building Products has enhanced its calculator, expanding service to its Hanson Pressure Pipe and Hanson Structural Precast customers.

“Our concrete products are inherently sustainable and can all contribute to LEED credit,” said Mike Leathers, senior vice president, Hanson Pressure Pipe and Hanson Structural Precast. “Hanson is able to provide customers with any LEED documentation needed for all six of our divisions, but now, in addition to Hanson Pipe & Precast, our Hanson Pressure Pipe and Hanson Structural Precast customers and project owners can enjoy the convenience of a fully-calculated report ready for submission.”

Recognizing that most of its products are engineered for a specific job and require custom calculations, Hanson Building Products contacted Portland, Ore.-based Green Building Services in 2008 to develop a tool with precise calculations.

Hanson Building Products’ customer-focused tool quantifies its products’ contribution to two LEED credit categories: recycled content and regional materials. The detailed report displays the actual mileage and the exact LEED-approved recycled content percentages of products, both in weight and dollar amount. The full, easy-to-read report is free of charge.

“With the growing demand for LEED-certified projects, Hanson Building Products is able to support responsible construction and ensure customer needs are met with the LEED v2 calculator, which provides a faster and more convenient path to certification,” said Leathers.