Oct 22, 2009

Hammonds Water Chlorination System Earns NSF Certification

Vortex unit aims to ensure reliable, accurate water chlorination

Hammonds is celebrating what it called the latest in a string of company high water marks. The Houston-based company earned the official endorsement from NSF Intl. certifying its vortex tablet water chlorination system.

"This is a big win for our company and a big win for those cities, towns and industry sectors who rely on our systems to keep their water supplies reliably chlorinated," said Carl Hammonds.

The NSF certification process is strictly voluntary, Hammonds added, and although time-consuming, the NSF qualifying process aims to guarantee consistent performance at a high level of quality.

"We sought their seal of approval to highlight the tangible advantages of our water chlorination systems, and to encourage their use among a wider spectrum of users and applications," Hammonds said.

Add to that the growing public concern for clean water and environmental responsibility, and the company’s need for NSF certification resonated even louder.

The Hammonds 80-P Vortex Tablet Chlorination System was the specific model certified by NSF Intl., said Rick Richardson, vice president of sales and marketing.

"To our knowledge, we are the only manufacturer offering the industry a complete tablet chlorination system--including metering pump--that carries the NSF certification," Richardson said.

Richardson addressed what the company believes makes its system superior to others.

"Our system takes the mystery out of on-site, tablet water chlorination," Richardson said. "It consists of a high energy vortex mixing chamber with no moving parts, which produces a precise measure of calcium hypochlorite solution using a positive displacement pump. It’s Hammonds fluid technology at its best."

The Hammonds 80-P Tablet Chlorination System covers flows up to 2000 GPM, and the company said it offers accurate and dependable chlorine injection consistently.