Jul 25, 2007

HaloSource Hires Himley and Carver for Expansion of Clean Water Initiatives

HaloSource, Inc., an antimicrobial and clean technology solutions company, has hired Stephen Himley as engineering project manager of water applications and Steve Carver as mechanical and plastics designer. Himley and Carver will focus on designing HaloPure water purification cartridges and devices.

Himley will manage the technical phases of project development for HaloPure water purification cartridges and devices. Carver will work with HaloSource engineers and chemists to design HaloPure point-of-use water purification devices.

Himley has extensive experience in design, engineering, project management and quality assurance in health technology systems and devices. His previous experience includes senior project engineer/mechanical heart engineer at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane and senior research engineer at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation’s Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Carver is a veteran mechanical designer and design engineer with extensive experience in new product design for both the biomedical and consumer industries. At HaloSource, Carver will help implement design enhancements specific to the needs of large partner companies who manufacture water treatment devices and are looking for ways to ensure safe drinking water that is free of disease-causing bacteria and viruses.