Feb 22, 2010

H2O Innovation Awarded New Contracts for Municipal, Industrial Water Treatment Systems

Company awarded $2.1 million (Canadian) in new contracts

H2O Innovation, Inc., a complete water treatment solutions company providing custom designed systems along with specialty chemicals for membrane filtration systems, announces it has been awarded new contracts totaling $2.1 million (Canadian) recently. These contracts will see H2O Innovation provide custom-built industrial water treatment systems for municipal and industrial end-users in Canada and the United States.

As part of these contracts, H2O Innovation will design, manufacture and deliver membrane filtration systems for the production of drinking water by ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, including a 2,740 cu meter per day reverse osmosis system for a municipal water treatment plant located in a city in Southern Manitoba, Quebec, Canada. This project will also see H2O Innovation provide pre-treatment filters in an effort to achieve optimal iron and manganese reduction. Other smaller contracts awarded to the company will see it manufacture industrial process water production systems and wastewater treatment systems using its Bio‑Wheel integrated fixed-film activated sludge system.

These contracts bring the company's sales backlog to $12.1 million. The company's sales backlog is comprised entirely of systems and equipment sales and does not include sales of services or consumable products.

“We are glad to see the new contracts we have landed over the last weeks come from Manitoba, Quebec, and several U.S. states,” said Frederic Dugre, president and CEO of H2O Innovation, Inc. “These contracts cover a wide range of applications and technologies in both the municipal and industrial markets. Our unique knowledge to share approach coupled with our technical know-how and our proprietary technologies were key to gaining these new sales.”