May 07, 2012

Xylem Unveils New Technology at IFAT ENTSORGA

Xylem TotalCare audits to be raffled at booths 317/418, Hall A1 & 445/544, Hall A6

Six months since it was spun off from ITT Corp., Xylem Inc., a global water technology company focused on addressing the world’s most challenging water issues, has unveiled a portfolio of innovative new products, services and solutions at the IFAT ENTSORGA trade show in Munich. To celebrate the launch of its Xylem TotalCare service portfolio in Germany, the company is offering visitors to its IFAT booths 317/418, Hall A1 and 445/544, Hall A6, the chance to win a free condition audit each day valued at €400. At the end of the show, one lucky visitor will win a free Xylem TotalCare energy audit worth up to €1,000*.

As part of Xylem’s commitment to offering its customers world-class service, the company has unveiled Xylem TotalCare at both of its IFAT booths. A comprehensive, integrated portfolio of services–from design and consultancy to energy audits and from supervisory services to maintenance contracts–Xylem TotalCare ensures that the customer’s operations run at their best. The portfolio of services comes backed by deep systems knowledge and expertise in water and wastewater applications.

“When you choose Xylem TotalCare services, you get secure, optimal operations that come only with broad engineering expertise in water and wastewater, ” said Tomas Brannemo, head of Xylem’s aftermarket and service business.

Xylem has a long history in wastewater pumping. Within its wastewater pumping portfolio, Xylem will feature the following in Hall A6, booths 445/544:

  • ·         Xylem’s Flygt Experior sets a new standard for exceptional wastewater pumping. By combining advances in its state-of-the-art hydraulics, premium efficiency motors and intelligent controls in a unique concept, Flygt Experior offers up to 50% energy savings compared to conventional wastewater pumps. The new intelligent controls, called Flygt SmartRun, were released this month and are available for purchase.
  • ·         Flygt for dry pit pumping: Xylem’s unique dry pumping solution delivers all of the expertise, innovation and reliability of the company’s submersible pumping solutions specifically adapted for dry applications. A unique benefit of Xylem’s dry pump offer is the flood-proof motor. An appealing aspect of dry pit pumping is ease of access to the pump which simplifies maintenance. The Flygt pumps for dry pit applications will be available later this year.
  • ·         The Godwin NC series is a new range of non-clog pumps featuring Flygt N-technology that combines the expertise of Xylem’s leading dewatering brands, Flygt and Godwin.
  • ·         With the addition of three new sludge pumps to its flagship Flygt 2600 drainage range Xylem now boasts one of the most extensive portfolios of dewatering pumps on the market. Capable of flows up to 28 L/s (450 gal per minute) and heads to 38 meters (128 ft.), these sludge pumps are ideal for temporary sewage pumping, digester cleaning at wastewater treatment plants, light slurry transfer, open-pit and underground mine dewatering and emergency site drainage.
  • ·         The new Flygt Ready pumps are specifically designed for on-the-spot dewatering at construction or industrial sites, manholes or emergency situations. Flygt Ready pumps are robust, compact and very easily serviced resulting in a long-lasting, durable pump.  
  • ·        New Flygt Griploc mechanical face seals will be available as a spare part in five different sizes in October and incorporated in selected Flygt drainage pumps, sewage pumps and mixers from November onward. Xylem’s development engineers have designed Griploc seals to offer outstanding leak prevention and to be heat-, clogging- and wear-resistant.
  • ·         Xylem’s Flygt APP 800 is a next-generation pump controller that provides a clear view of a plant’s energy consumption and the true cost of pumping operations. Unlike general purpose program logic control (PLC) systems the Flygt APP 800 is specifically engineered to control water and wastewater transport systems.

Within its water and wastewater treatment portfolio, Xylem will feature the following in Hall A1, booths 317/418:

  • ·         Wedeco Spektron is a new addition to Xylem’s portfolio of ultraviolet (UV) and ozone disinfection solutions. The upgrades to this closed-vessel UV reactor are aimed at the municipal drinking water market for flows of a few cu meters per hour to more than 1,000 cu meters per hour. The entire series is expected to be fully validated and rolled out by the middle of this year.
  • ·         Xylem’s new Flygt 4530 is a submersible mixer for biological wastewater treatment applications that uses up to 50% less energy than compact mixers. Tests show that customers can save on average up to €4,000 per year for each mixer installed by switching to the new Flygt 4530**. Typical applications for the Flygt 4530 include mixing in activated sludge processes, sludge holding tanks and digesters.
  • ·         Xylem’s Wedeco brand has developed a new open channel ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system that delivers clean, safe treated wastewater of the highest standard using a minimum of energy. A key benefit of the Wedeco Duron solution is its small footprint. An innovative 45 degree vertical incline design, combined with Wedeco’s expertise in vertical lamp arrangement, means that Duron requires less space than other UV systems.
  • ·         Tests carried out at a wastewater treatment plant in the Netherlands have confirmed that Xylem’s Sanitaire Gold Series membrane diffusers cut the energy use of the plant by up to 22% while delivering high-quality aeration. The Xylem team will demonstrate the Sanitaire Gold Series diffuser in action at its booth 317/418 in Hall A1 at the IFAT ENTSORGA trade show in Munich this week.


*Exact value of audits will vary depending on plant size

**Savings based on test performance of Flygt 4530 versus a compact mixer in continuous operation according to ISO 21630:2007.