Aug 30, 2011

Solinst Canada Announces 2011 Symposium on Groundwater Treatment

Symposium is set for Oct. 27 and 28 in Ontario

Solinst Canada Ltd. is proud to announce the 2011 Symposium on Enhanced Monitoring and Remedial Methods for Contaminated Groundwater. This is the third symposium to be held at the Solinst office in Ontario. This year’s symposium will run from Oct. 27 to 28, and will feature the following guest speaker lineup:

  1. • Rick Devlin, University of Kansas – "Assessment of Groundwater Velocity Measurements with PVPs"
  2. • Jim Barker, University of Waterloo – "The Capillary Fringe: Monitoring and Remediation in this Neglected Zone"
  3. • Gary Wealthall, GeoSyntec – "Characterizing DNAPL Source Zones for Remedial Performance Assessment"
  4. • Ryan Wilson, AMEC – "Treatment Performance Assessment using Conventional Wells and Multilevel Transects"
  5. • Rick McGregor – "The Effect of Heterogeneity and Delivery Methods on In Situ Remediation"
  6. • Kirk Hatfield, University of Florida – "Monitoring Water and Contaminant Fluxes in Surface, Subsurface, and Hyporheic Systems"

The symposium will provide attendees with an opportunity to discuss and learn about the latest in monitoring and remediation strategies and applications. Throughout the two days of the symposium, Solinst technical staff will be available to provide demonstrations and answer any questions about Solinst equipment.