Sep 06, 2011

Green Energy Generation Facility Announced for South Carolina

The $23 million project to help process organic waste for green energy

W2E Organic Power, CIYCOR and EISENMANN have announced a teaming arrangement to construct and operate a state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion facility in Columbia, S.C.

The 48,000-ton-per-year, 3.2-megawatt facility will begin construction under the supervision of W2E Organic Power, and will process organic waste, turning it into green natural gas for electric power production. CIYCOR is co-developer and financial partner, and EISENMANN is providing the anaerobic digestion technology and engineering.

The W2E facility is a truly sustainable, renewable energy facility returning the nutrients from the organic waste back to the earth. Closing the loop, the soil amendment produced by the facility will be used for local agriculture as well as commercial and residential landscape applications.

The organic waste consists of food, grease, waste produce, yard and several other sources, which together provide a nutrient and energy rich mix from which the anaerobic process converts the waste into clean natural biogas.

“We have developed a significant group of partners with waste streams for our system and we look forward to beginning this brand new effort to process waste into energy,” W2E CEO Daniel Rickenmann said.