May 10, 2004

Senators Call for Investigation of EPA

Two Florida senators have called for an investigation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency based on a grand jury's accusations that the EPA failed to prevent groundwater contamination in Escambia County, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The grand jury's report said the EPA, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Escambia County Utilities Authority failed to prevent more than half of ECUA's water supply wells from being contaminated with dry-cleaning solvents, pesticides and petroleum products.

Democratic Senators Bob Graham and Bill Nelson called for EPA to come up with a plan to protect Pensacola's water, the Sentinel reported.

"The Environmental Protection Agency must examine its role in prolonging the health threat posed by the contamination and develop a plan to protect the vulnerable water supply of Pensacola," Graham and Nelson wrote in the letters to EPA administrator Michael O. Leavitt.