Dec 28, 2000

GRAC Endorses Propositions 12 and 13

A resolution supporting Propositions 12 and 13 was adopted
by the board of directors of the Groundwater Resources Association of California
(GRAC). "We will be facing water shortages in the coming decades," said
GRA President Timothy K. Parker. "Propositions 12 and 13 will work together to
help provide Californians with a more comprehensive program of water management
and protection."
Propositions 12 and 13, both appearing on the March 7th
ballot, will provide necessary programs for solutions for groundwater, surface
water, wildlife and fish habitat challenges. More specifically, Proposition 12
creates provisions to protect California's lands around lakes, rivers, streams
and the coast as well as fund tree planting, urban conservation corps and open
space protection in fast-growing counties. Proposition 13 funds pollution
control programs that will reduce water resource contamination and increase the
safety of drinking water. It also will fund infrastructure improvements and
deteriorating water pipes and sewer systems, groundwater storage and watershed
management to increase the reliability of California’s water supply.
(Source: Groundwater Resources Association of California)