Nov 17, 2006

Global Water Technologies Sells Non-Chemical Water Treatment System to Switzerland

Global Water Technologies, Inc., ("GWT") a technology driven water purification and services provider to the $400 billion water industry, announced that its subsidiary, Electric H2O, Inc. has sold another "non-chemical" water treatment system to York International Switzerland.

Electric H2O (EH2O) is a provider of environmentally sound "non-chemical" water treatment technologies and services. EH2O's proprietary technologies include the patented ED2000 system, which is an electro-coagulation unit (ECU) for the removal and prevention of scale in heat transfer equipment, such as chillers, heat exchangers and evaporative condensers. The ED2000 system has over 200 installations in 10 countries. In addition, EH2O has a complete line of media filters and separators for the removal of various particulates in water systems. EH2O also offers comprehensive "non-chemical" water treatment systems and service programs for the HVAC and light industrial markets. EH2O's customers include HVAC service providers, commercial RIETS, Universities, Hospitals and commercial facilities worldwide.

“We are pleased that York has again selected us for this new project,” said CEO George Kast. “This further confirms that our technologies perform in the field and that customers are realizing the value and benefits of our proprietary systems. The future of water treatment will be driven by technology that is 'non-chemical' in nature and GWT is well positioned to capitalize on this essential movement away from traditional chemicals. The growing desire of manufacturers and providers of goods and services to be 'green' is having a positive impact on the demand for our products. GWT will be participating in the 'Greenbuild International Expo' held this week in Denver, Colorado, which serves as the pre-eminent showcase for leading-edge green technologies."