Jan 23, 2007

Global Water Technologies Launches New Website

Global Water Technologies, Inc., (GWT) a technology driven water purification and services provider to the $400 billion water industry, announced that its subsidiary, Watergy Produced Water Solutions, Inc. (Watergy) has recently launched its website: http://www.watergytech.com.
Watergy is a water treatment and services provider to the oil and gas industries. Water produced from oil and gas exploration is one of the largest water management and treatment markets. Watergy offers proprietary water treatment technologies and service models to meet the growing need for environmentally sound water management solutions for this energy sector.
CEO George Kast stated, "We are pleased to launch this new site as it will provide access for our customers to gain more knowledge about our technologies and offerings. Watergy is well positioned to be a significant player in this rapidly growing water treatment market. We believe we have the most cost-effective and comprehensive solutions to provide sustainable energy development in the Rocky Mountains and beyond. Simply put, if you want to extract the gas, you must manage the water."